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Monday, October 10, 2011

Whats in My Bag/Purse & OOTD

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What's in my purse???

Wow, I wasn't aware of how much stuff I actually have in there! I guess when you have 2 kids that you end up carrying a lot more stuff than normal. This bag is extremely heavy and I usually am not carrying it when I go places...either my stroller has a hook for it or I leave most of the stuff in my car and only bring what I need to wherever I'm going. This was a fun TAG video to do!

I also showed my OOTD. I returned that other furry monster vest to F21 and got this other pretty burnt orange furry vest that is way more cozy and has pockets like I wanted. I paired this up with some sexy faux-leather pants and over the knee black leather boots :) Great for a date night (not for a stay at home mom day of course). I love getting dressed up and pretending I have places to go where I can be this fancy and trendy! LOL.

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