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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Forever 21 Haul & OOTD

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I LOVE Forever 21!
I've been shopping at Forever21 since I was....well, 21 :) A LONG time. I have always been really impressed with their quality and affordable prices. They are also always up on the newest trends, so you can try out different things and not break the bank doing it. Their online store has been a savior to me. I really hate shopping at their retail store. If you've ever been to one then you know what I mean. It is total sensory overload! I am usually there when the store has just been hit with a tornado too it seems and it's almost impossible to find sizes as things are surely scattered about the store. On the other hand, their online store is amazing! Not only do they have pretty much everything you can find in stores, but they have a TON more stuff that you would never see otherwise. Different sizes and colors are readily available with just a click of a button. Since I have been shopping there for a long time, I know my exact sizing in all their clothes and that helps a bunch. They also have a great return policy for buying online, so if you're not happy you can return via mail for a full refund or you can go into your local F21 store and exchange it or get store credit.

Did you know that there is a Forever 21 Mens line??? I just looked thru it last week and actually saw some really nice things! My husband has been into long sleeve plaid button-up shirts and they had so many to choose from. They also have really nice sweaters and under shirts for men (only $5.90!). I ordered a few things for my husband just to test it out and I am totally surprised. The shirts are really nice and instead of paying $55-$60 for a button up surf brand shirt, we paid $18.90! Fortunately my husband isn't a total label **ore, so he doesn't mind and it's not like they say F21 all over them either. Very happy about this new addition!

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