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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I still LOVE ELF!

Now that I have been running this blog and my youtube channel for sometime now, I still have to reinforce how much I love ELF (eyes lips face). I feel like their company is growing in all the right directions, coming out with amazing new products and keeping up with the other big companies quality wise, but not compromising their low prices to do so.

One thing that I have always been impressed by and I know many others are to, is their extremely efficient customer service. This is a company that was prepared for it's Celebrity! I can't tell you how many huge companies just did not prepare for their rise and lost me as a customer because I couldn't get problems resolved or even reach a live person EVER! Customer Service goes a long way and ELF certainly does this.

I am so excited for their holiday line as I have seen their sparkle pink brushes already!! The ELF Facebook Page HERE has the most helpful and kinds fans as well as an absolute doll Moterator.  I can't talk enough about ELF because they are so amazing and I see them always being in my top pics for every month. I'm actually at the point where I own EVERY SINGLE ITEM that they have!!! I have nothing left to buy!!! So, I am definitely excited for the new Holiday line to appear :)

Thanks ELF for all that you are and all the beauty you have given to many women across the world!!!

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