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Friday, October 7, 2011


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OMG! So I went to exchange a couple things at forever 21 (yes the furry monster jacket and crazy sweater that I didn't know how to wear) and the store moved! Not only did it more, but it moved into the Saks 5th Ave location! 2 FLOORS! I swear I almost fainted. It is HUGE and supposedly the 2nd largest to Las Vegas in the entire company. Wow. They carry all their different lines like, Forever21 Mens, Kids, Heritage, etc...I was so excited that I had clothes to exchange because there was so much amazing stuff and I couldn't wait to dive in!

After doing a few laps around it I found a much cuter Burnt Orange colored fur vest with pockets that is WAY better than the other one I had and much more cozy. It was the same price, so it was an easy exchange. I also picked up the cutest off-white skinny corduroy jeans! LOVE! I have been looking for white skinny jeans forever. They are amazing and only $24.95. I found a really cute scarf and a head wrap that I bought too. I didn't even know about the bottom part until I checked out, so I had to go downstairs to see the rest and OMG!

The bottom had all the shoes, lingerie, accessories and a ton more clothes, I have no idea how they got this much product and if I was overwhelmed by the store before I am definitely overwhelmed now! I officially designated that F21 store as my Mommy Hideaway place. So, when I need to get out and away from the kids/husband/house, I am so going there!  I am just totally blown away with all the merchandise they have and it looked really nice and put together. I just can't imagine how it will be during the holidays, yikes!

Anyways, I had to write about it because I was so excited I went there today and I look forward to getting to know it a lot better in the very near future ;)

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