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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

OOTD & My New Hair!

I LOVE MY HUSBAND (and my hair) lol
I seriously have the best husband in the entire world. It all started out when we got married and I worked in $1200 extensions into our wedding budget hahaha. Of course I loved them and in order to keep them up I had to get them tightened every 6-8weeks, which came with a $375 price tag on them each time!! Ahhhhh! Needless to say I quickly had to get rid of them before we had to sell our brand new baby girl on the black market. (jk)
I went a long time trying out different kinds of clip in extensions. I actually really liked Jessica Simpson's HairDo ones and wore it for a while when I was a blonde (yes I was a blonde! Platinum!)

Soon after that, my hair pretty much all fell out and I had to die my hair back to my natural dark brown color and chop it all off (whaaaaaa). I became prego with my second baby and I already felt like crap, so having crappy hair too just made me even more depressed. I started to do a little research online about how to do extensions and I remember how the girl who did mine did them. I looked and looked until I finally found someone doing a tutorial on exactly how to do my extensions!! I bought real human hair off of ebay, the microlinks and all the tools needed for it. At first my best friend, Vanessa, said she would do it, but we were having trouble finding time to do it since she has a little one too. So, I showed my husband the video and he said that he bet he could do it! I was like, wow, that would be awesome since we live together and I could have a live in hair stylist!! LOL. The first time he did them it took about 4-5 hours!! But I wasn't spending $375 anymore and he was happy about that. I was then pregnant and feeling more beautiful than ever. It's crazy what hair can do to your self esteem!

I went about 6 months with them in and then took them out for a change after I had my baby, put them in again, took them out again......And then last night for some reason I wanted them back in really bad. Watching myself on YouTube made me feel like I needed to do something different to my hair. It was so boring to me. So my husband hooked it up and did them in less than an hour!! He is so awesome!! After that I dyed all the hair so it matched perfectly with my hair and did a little self haircut to blend it well. I am SO happy. And you know what they say....Happy Wife = Happy Life :) Ain't that the truth!!

Here are my before extensions pic (from my daughter's 1st bday Hawaiian style :)

What do you think?

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I hope you're enjoying your day :)

Happy Hair Amanda

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