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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Personal Microdermabrasion PMD Tutorial

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I have been using my Personal Microderm for a couple months now and I really love it. I originally started using it for hyper-pigmentation that I was developing on my forehead and cheeks (sun exposure I'm sure). Not only has it helped fade that, but it has gotten rid of my "crows feet" and made my skin more even and soft. I can also tell that the products I use on my skin penetrate a lot deeper since the top layer of dead skin isn't blocking it all from being absorbed.

This retails for $179 new, however I bought mine on ebay for about $100 gently used. It really didn't matter because I bought new discs anyways which is the only thing that would need to be subbed out. So, if you don't mind buying a used one, then it is way more affordable. These treatments can cost up to $500 at your dermatologist's office! Some people are concerned that this is unsafe or that it hurts. I would assume that you would need to read the directions carefully and make sure you are using a legit machine. I think that most Dermatologists do not recommend that you use at home microdermabrasion kits because they would rather you go spend your life savings at their office with their treatment :p

Does it hurt? If you follow the directions and don't hover over any spots too long then you won't have any pain. Your skin will be sensitive after the treatment which is why it is important to stay out of the sun and keep a high amount of SPF on your skin. Any sensitivity subsides within a day. It's definitely not for everyone and if it scares you then DON'T USE IT! LOL

Here is info from their website so you can see more testimonials and FAQ's: CLICK HERE
Lasermax Services Inc. has sold, refurbished and repaired Laser and Microdermabrasion equipment in the southwest for over 12 years. They meet with professionals each week to demonstrate and teach the science of skin and how to make it look and feel younger. As they refurbish and repair the machines they are digging into the nuts and bolts of these fancy units and understand very well how they work, and perform the function they were designed to perform. Their technical expertise has been a key component to the development of the tool.

Janelle Muldner was one of the 1st Estheticians in the country to bring microdermabrasion to the United States from Europe over 25 years ago. She has perfected techniques that make her one of the experts on how microdermabrasion can help heal and treat our skin. She was the original patent holder of the system that we use in our tool. Janelle was a key player in the process and system necessary to combine cell renewal and rejuvenation with the science of Microdermal Exfoliation and make it work in the home.
Dr. Mark Taylor is a world renowned Laser Surgeon and Dermatologist who has performed over 250,000 procedures at the Gateway Laser and Esthetics Institute in Salt Lake City, Ut. Dr Taylor is one of the top 5 Laser and Esthetic surgeons in the world. Dr. Taylor conducted the 1st clinical trials with this tool back in 2004. He advised and helped direct the team to make sure that proper protocols are followed to achieve the maximum results safely and efficiently.

Hope this helps!!!
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  1. I wish I could get one of these. LOL... someday. Looks like it will really clear up my skin. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Diamond-tip microdermabrasion uses the same technology under vacuum and the baton in hand, but he are not crystal moving through the tip.