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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Sunshine Nail Polish!

Hi Everyone!!
It's another nail polish that I am loving! I have always steered away from neon colors (except for maybe pink), but this summer I have been so drawn to bright yellows, oranges, greens, blues and anything else bright and colorful! I feel like if you have pretty popping nails that you just feel a little better somehow. So, this new color that I have on my nails this week is something I got in my MyGlam bag for July. It is from Andrea's Choice's new nail polish line called "Circus". I got the color "Somersault" and it's a beautiful yellow. A lot of people consider it a neon yellow, however me being such a nail polish addict lately, I definitely think it's more of a pastel yellow or in between. Nevertheless it is so beautiful. I do have one complaint. The first 2 coats actually were really streaky and not pigmented. It was really weird. I ended up having to put on 4 coats to get it fully covered! Even at the 4th coat it really wanted to streak, but I used a very light hand and was able to get them looking pretty nice. I didn't stop there. I wanted to switch it up so I added a white tip with silver glitter and it really spiced it up!
Ultimate thoughts: This yellow nail polish from Andrea's choice is not my favorite. I didn't like the fact that I had to apply 4 coats and it took forever (obviously) to dry. I have really never seen this type of application problem, even with cheap polishes. The packaging is adorable and it looks so pretty in the bottle, but I wouldn't recommend this brand :( I really wanted to love it because I love Andrea's Choice and I love MyGlam. I have other yellows from Julep, Maybelline and Essie that are way better and do not require 4 coats. In the end it looks good, but I probably wouldn't use it again unless I had about 4 hours to do nothing :p lol.

Please let me know if you have tried the Circus line of nail polishes and if this has happened to you. Maybe I got a bunk one?? Did the other colors do this? Please comment below and tell me!!
Thanks so much for stopping by!!!  xoxo Amanda

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  1. Just wait until you try to take it off... It is just awful. lol