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Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Favorite Pink Summer Nail Polish!!

Happy July!!

I absolutely LOVE summer time because there are so many different colors that come out. As some of you might know I have a HUGE addiction to nail polish lately. It's something that I never really paid much attention to because I didn't wear a lot of nail polish with 2 kids under 4. Walking thru the isles of my local drugstores I couldn't pass up the beautiful
This first color is a really bright pink by Spoiled. This company is actually made by Wet n' Wild! It is $2.99 at any local drugstore that carries wet n' wild. It's funny because Spoiled and Wet n' Wild polishes have all the exact same colors! The thing about Spoiled that I like is that the brush isn't as fat as the new wet n' wild ones. It also has .5 oz more polish in it!! So, if you see that the WNW color you want is out, go check out Spoiled! They are usually on a display where all the other beauty displays are and they are not with the WNW collection.

Here is my first favorite Pink summer color: Plastic Flamingo

This Revlon "No Chip Top Coat" is also really amazing!!!

I heard about it from a random person at CVS!! The trick is that you need to put it on every day. But on my second day of using it I was doing some major spring cleaning and the pictures above are of them after 2 days and ripping open boxes, hangers, folding clothes, etc!! No chips! The applying once a day isn't really inconvenient as it dries really fast. I definitely recommend you check it out. You can buy this at any local drugstore or a place that carries Revlon. It is around $5.99 depending on where you go and what deals are going on. It's SO worth it. I generally don't use really expensive nail polish, so this really makes them stick and not chip! 
Happy Shopping!!
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