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Friday, July 6, 2012

Another Favorite Nail Polish Combo - Essie & Julep

Addiction to Nail Polish!

Help! lol
I recently posted a blog on my favorite July Summertime Nail polish color by Spoiled called "Pink Flamingo) I have so many nail polishes that I have been getting recently so I have been switching up my nail colors very often. I am trying to see if the lower end WNW polishes are really an cheaper in quality than the higher end Essie ones. You will be surprised at what I have found! As a lot of you might know, the "accent nail" that I have done this time is very popular. It's cool because you can use bright colors and one nail another complimentary color or use one of those Nail stick on pattern polishes!! I really love doing that and it also helps your $10 Sally Hansen Salon Effects last a way longer time :)
This first combination of colors is a moss green by Essie called "Da Bush". I but that color over 8 of my nails and used Julep's Sasha on my ring fingers which is a peachy color with gold undertones. The story is that even after applying my favorite Revlon "No chip top coat" I still had a chip on my pointed finger on my LEFT hand (which isn't my dominant hand). I was quite surprised because Essie polishes are quite expensive starting around $8 per full size bottle. I also did about 3 coats, so maybe that makes it chip more if anything gets under it? I'm not sure. It looks really pretty though! I recently used my Dermstore coupon for $25 off a $50 purchase and bought ALL Essie polishes for $25 so I have a lot to show you..Above is the first color from Essie in "Da Bush" It is a really pretty light olive/mossy green color.

The accent color that I used was from my monthly Julep Subscription service (click here if you want to become a maven for only a penny for your first month!). I used the color "Sasha" which is a beautiful Pink with Gold undertones. I used 3 coats to get a nice opaque color. 

All together, these two colors are really pretty and not too crazy together. Next I think I will be ready to do some really cool colors as I have a shipment of 18-20 more Essie polishes that I ordered from ebay and blush with my $25 off coupon!! Crazy, right???

This Revlon "No Chip Top Coat" is also really amazing!!!
I heard about it from a random person at CVS!! The trick is that you need to put it on every day. I have been using this top coat to see if it really works with the non chipping claim. This time it didn't work as well as I would have liked. it left one of my nails chipping and that was disappointing. You can buy this at any local drugstore or a place that carries Revlon. It is around $5.99 depending on where you go and what deals are going on. It's definitely worth a try.  I generally don't use really expensive nail polish, so this really makes them stick and not chip! 

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