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Friday, September 30, 2011

OCTOBER Giveaway Info!!!! CLOSED

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This giveaway is closed - Check my YouTube Channel for the current monthly giveaway!!

There are only 3 things you MUST do in order to enter this giveaway (less mandatory things than last month).  But there are a TON of ways to get extra entries!I hope you guys love it!!

Here's how to enter...

#1: You MUST be a subscriber to my YouTube Channel: 
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**Please be sure to include your twitter/facebook/Blog names with this comment if you do any extra entries  so I can cross check***

#2: You MUST Like and Comment on THIS YouTube video telling me which video of mine is your favorite!! (only one comment please)

#3: You MUST Subscribe/Join this Beauty Blog :) PLEASE NOTE UPDATED ADDRESS!!!  
and leave me a comment under THIS POST - Tell me which prize you want to win!!

QUICK TIP: ALL of the winners from the September giveaway did extra entries which gave them a better chance to win!!!! Do you want extra entries??? Here are the ways to get them!!

#1: You can “Like” my Facebook Page and comment on my wall referring to this giveaway (Like which prize you would like to win or why you should win) 

#2: You can also follow me on Twitter:!/hapamanda  -AND-  Tweet the following (simply copy & paste into your Twitter Status ) -@Hapamanda is having another cosmetics giveaway on YouTube! THREE winners will be chosen! Watch how to enter here! 

*** You can retweet once daily for extra entries!!***

#3: Invite your friends to join all of my networks and let me know that you sent them!

Have your friends.... 
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**Like my facebook page: and have them comment on my wall that you sent them!
**Follow me on Twitter:!/hapamanda and have them tweet me (@hapamanda) that you sent them!


The top 3 Winners will be chosen by 

You must be over 18 or have your parents permission to enter since I will need your address to ship the goods :)

International OK :)

Message me on any of my networking sites if you have any questions!
Good Luck everyone!!


There will be 3 WINNERS...

Here are the prizes!!

              *JewelMint Nicolas Necklace 

     *Talika Lipocils Eyelash Growth Serum

*Beauty Blender Sponge and    Cleanser 
*EOS Lip Balm in Summer Fruit! 

*ELF Goody Bag: 
Natural Eyelash Kit, Mascara, 27 Pc Mini Collection, Eyeshadow Quad (Ivy)
Liquid Liner

FYI: There will be 4 winners once my YouTube Channel AND Beauty Blog hits 1,000 subscribers!! 

*All prizes were purchased by me with my own money with the exception of the beauty blender that was donated for this giveaway*
Please visit their website for more product information:
Here is my review & Tutorial on the Beauty Blender! 

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!!

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  1. ooh i would love to win that necklace!

  2. This is Ilovedawsonscreek from Youtube
    I love prize #3...I can't get those products where I live!

  3. I want to win the Elf beauty bag :) luv luv luv it :)

  4. Hi. this is charliesangels77 from youtube. I would love prize 2 if I was lucky to win this give away.

  5. i would love to win the 2nd prize;)

  6. I'd love to win prize #2!
    I'm Mspeppermintfairy from YT

  7. I would love to win Prize 3 all the prizes are gorgeous though, but i cant get elf here, Rainielovealways on YT :D

  8. Hii!!!. I would love to win Prize #3....
    YT: cruziibett
    FB: Ivett Nereida Cruz
    Twitter: @iibettcruz

    Thank you for the giveaway, I hope to have more good luck that the September Giveaway lol...

  9. Hey, this is Suzyfishie from youtube and I love those products because you're reviews are so nice and I would love to try them out. All prizes are so very GREAT. Thank you for a giveaway :)

  10. I would really like the beauty blender or the eos lip balm as i love the eos lipbalm and i need more :) xxxx

  11. Hey there, awesome prizes! tx so much for doing this! I'm sdxox(youtube) and Sylvie Brideau(FB). Id pick the Elf prize,sooo pretty!!
    I'm newly subscribed to this blog too (sylvie with elmo icon)

  12. i love prize#3 thank you for this good giveaway=)

  13. I want to win 3rd prize....LOVE e.l.f. Tnx for the opportunity YT name is TheTrancey.. ;)

  14. I'd love to win prize #1 or #3!! Probably #1 though :)

  15. Amazing giveaway :) I'd love to win the 2nd or 3rd prize :)

  16. I would Love to win 2nd prize!
    Guam doesn't sell any EOS lip balm.

  17. I would love to win second or third prize! ^_^

  18. I absolutely want to win the 3rd prize!!! :)

  19. I would love to win the third prize :) thanks for this amazing giveaway! :)

  20. i would love to win the elf goody bag, thanks for giveaway :)

  21. I'd love to win the third prize!! Thx for the giveaway.

  22. I honestly love them all i cant chose ha they all are great prizes id be lucky to win any one. Thanks for the givaway.

  23. I would love to win #3, the ELF bag because i so in love with it! I'm a students so i don't have that much money to buy! *sad* Hopefuly to win! Thanks for great giveaway! <3

  24. love all the prizes mostly elf beauty bag :)

  25. I would love to win prize win #1! The necklace looks so perfect for an outfit I have in mind.
    Facebook: Linda Yan
    Twitter: aquaprincess888

  26. I would love to get #3 - Elf Goody Bag!

    I love elf products! I'm amazed by their Mini Collection Palette!!!

    I had done all the steps required, I hope I can be the Winner!!! ♥

  27. I would love to win the #3 prize, so that I can save money and buy am even more extravagent dress for my formal

  28. hope i win!!!thanks for this giveaway!!!! :)

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. (This is LovinDaBeauty or ShannaB)-I would love the E.L.F Makeup collection I've been wanting it for awhile now so ited be great!:D but I really love every one of them(:

  31. 1. Youtube subscribe:danutzzza20
    2. Comment and like as danutzzza20
    3. i would like to win the 3rd one : *ELF Goody Bag:
    Natural Eyelash Kit, Mascara, 27 Pc Mini Collection, Eyeshadow Quad (Ivy)
    Liquid Liner
    4. fb: danyela costin
    I have wrote a comment. (Danyela Costin)
    5. twitter: @danyelacostin
    tw share:!/DanyelaCostin/status/126095872088997888

  32. i want the elf prize package!!!! i have the eos lipbalm and the beauty blender.

  33. I'd love to win the Elf prize because we don't have it in my country <33 Thanks <33

  34. #3 PLEEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!! ^-^ My Youtube account is ShannonCotto91!!!!!!!!!

  35. hi, i am lexi and i would like prize 3; i love elf products!

  36. I would LOVE to win prize 2 - It looks fabulous and thats just what I need! My youtube name is: ycquanx - My facebook is Kerri dovale - My twitter is Ycquan_x

  37. I would love to win the elf products! My name is Zoe, my YouTube is Zoe77mills, my Twitter is zoesjaedine7 and my Facebook is Zoe Mills!

  38. Hi! Thank you for this giveaway! I would love to win the ELF products prize! =)

  39. i would like prize #2 thanks for this giveaway

  40. I would love to win prize #3. <3

  41. I would like to win the elf bag Please because have no makeup and this would be a great started to introduce me to makeup.

    My youtube user is - JuicyStrawberry143

  42. Nice Giveaway! I like prize # 3
    YT Username: joannisgood

  43. Such an amazing giveaway.. Prize three is calling my name lol :)

  44. I love this giveaway, so thanks once again. :)
    I want to win prize #3 so badly!!!
    Good luck everyone! :D

    My youtube username is OMGPONNIES

  45. Hi. My youtube username is FIuffykinz.

    I really would love it if I got to won prize # 3 with the Elf cosmetics or even any of the prizes! They are all so fantastic. I can't seem to find any Elf products where I live, I checked all the local stores! I can't purchase them online either since I don't have any online cash.
    Thanks for such an amazing giveaway!

  46. This is sashaandaaron From youtube! I'd love prize number 2 or 3 :) Im a new subbie :)

  47. Muse0esuM from YouTube! I've done all you ask! ;)
    I really love beauty blender ansd elf! So #2 and #3!
    THX for all!

  48. I would loooooove to win the ELF goody bag because there's no ELF store where I live and I know they have wonderful products!

  49. i love this giveaway i really like the elf prize

  50. I would love to win prize #2! I am Mizzbehavin13 from YT. Thanks!

  51. I would absolutely love to use the beauty blender!

  52. i would love to win the e.o.s lipbalm beceause i hv never owned one and i hear wonders about them <3 but i will love everything else 2

  53. I entered this giveaway a while back and commented under your Youtube Video (Brennan2k11) forget to put underneath this post to say which prize I would like to win (E.L.f goody bag) am I still in with a chance to win? :) X