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Friday, September 9, 2011

ELF Clutch Palette: Vintage Pink

So, I picked up 2 of these clutch palettes the last time I placed an order with ELF and I just had to keep one for myself (sorry gals!). It is the perfect travel piece for my upcoming trip to Kauai. It has everything from eyeshadows, eyebrow setting, blush, bronzer and lips! What more could you ask for? Not to mention the colors are borderline amazing!

It has just the right amount of colors in each tone so you can pretty much wear any color you want. Today I wanted to do a vintage inspired look with the bottom row of the pinks and the grays along the right side to add a smokey look (as always). I even used the highlight in the top left corner and it worked ok. I have other favorite highlights that I prefer more, but this will work during my vacation :) It also comes with a face shimmer next to the blush that has a very soft and creamy glow to add to your cheekbones or wherever else you want to add a little luminance. The eyebrow settings are perfect for any skin type and the lip colors are surprisingly pretty too! I used the peachy one (2nd from the left). All in all, I am excited to try out some more looks!  

Let me know what you think!

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  1. Amanda, that's a really pretty look and I like it alot. Of course with your coloring I think that you could pull off anything. I'll tell you what I tell my 21 year old'd look good in a potato sack!

  2. @Dawna thanks so much that's super sweet of you to say. I think there is enough variety in this palette for many different skin tones/types. It's one of the giveaway items, so you should definitely try it if you win :)

  3. You look so beautiful!! Have you ever been a professional make up artist? I would get my make up done by you, any day! Love all your looks/advice/tips. xo Samantha

  4. @Samantha Thanks chica! No, I haven't done anything professionally as I decided to get my BS in Business instead :p My second choice was FIDM in New York. I worked as a stylist and visual merchandiser for BeBe and BCBG all throughout college and my stay in San Diego, so I learned a lot about styling and makeup :) I would love to do your makeup any time! I pretty much have my own studio here ) xo

  5. Wow thats such a pretty look!!!
    And i like the idea of it being a clutch, and its elf!! Is it new?? Because I have not seen it on the site.
    I don't wear eyeshadow, mainly because I do not know how to put it on haha.

  6. @Stephanie Yes it's new and it is on the website: