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Monday, September 5, 2011

Hapamanda's Money Savers! Series 1: Smashbox Eyebrow Tech Kit

This page is dedicated to all of you out there that are in dire need to find less expensive options for high end branded cosmetics, fashion, jewelry or pretty much anything else you can't afford! I am on a huge hunt and there's more out there than I could have even imagined. This will be an ongoing list, so please feel free to let me know if you have anything you think is worthy of putting on this list! I'll start first :)

Here is the video on YouTube as well :)

This first item I bought is the "Smashbox Eyebrow Brow Tech Trio Kit" for $14.99 on ebay. Not only was I not enthralled with the price, but it actually wasn't even that great of a product either! Each part of the trio wasn't anything special to warrant that price. This isn't rocket science and I would assume there are less expensive ways of accomplishing this same brow technique....

On to my first Money Saving option...The Wet n' Wild Ultimate Eyebrow Kit. This retails for a mere $3.99 at your local drugstore and has the exact same product in it! It really is amazing what a brand name can do for a product. I really hope Wet n' Wild keeps coming out with these amazing cosmetics so that they will no longer be considered the "cheap brand" or the brand you don't want to brag about owning so much of :p

My second option to this Smashbox wallet smasher (lol) is an ELF product that I have been using for a copule months now. It's their own Eyebrow Kit. The wax is built into the dark brown color instead of being separate. I feel that this does the exact same thing as any of the above products and this one retails for $3 on

I know there are plenty of other items out there that can rival the Smashbox Brow Tech, so please comment below if you have other subs that you like to use. Also, if you have anything you'd like to add to this list you can comment on that down below! The end product of this blog page will hopefully be a great wish list of overpriced items with their equally magnificent, but cheaper, counter parts :)

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  1. I was actually considering the Smashbox brow kit because the WetnWild one is hard too find where I live and the powder of the elf kit is way too light (even in the dark kit), but now I think I'll keep looking! thanks! My fave for my brows is the WetnWild kit but it must be a fave for everyone else as well since its never stocked :(

  2. You can buy the Wet n Wild kit online at Amazon or You can also sign up for their free 30 day trial membership for free 2 day shipping (and then cancel online before the 30 days is up :) On Amazon it's called "Amazon Prime" and is "Shoprunner"