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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Oh Mylanta!! LOL

So, my latest facial treatment to help with oily skin during the day has been "Milk of Magnesia" - aka: Mylanta! There are a bunch of videos on YouTube about it and I decided to try it. So crazy, right? I'm not 100% convinced that it works, but there aren't any weird side effects so far either.

I have been using it after I wash my face, apply toner and even after my moisturizer. It comes in a huge bottle that I got from Rite Aid in the original formula. You don't want it to be in any flavored kind and you also don't need to get any special kind of brand name; any generic will do.  I poured a little bit into a smaller container so I don't have to have that weird bottle out on my counter like a weirdo :p I use a cotton ball to apply it on my skin after my moisturizer - as if it were a primer.  My foundation glides over it perfectly. Some people have reported crumbling, but I have not had that problem. You can tell right away that it absorbes a lot of oil, but I'm just not convinced that it holds up thru an entire day. I also want to try different ways to apply it, like before my moisturizer or just using it nightly to tame the oil in general.

Have you tried it for Oily skin? Please tell me what you think!! I'll keep you updated on what I think is the best way to apply it. If it ends up working then SCORE! It's a super cheap alternative to other oil prevention methods (aka: Urban Decay De Slick for $29) haha. I definitely didn't pay more than $7 for a HUGE bottle of it.

Let me know what you think!

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