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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Makeup Breaks!

Last night I did an at home Microdermabrasion on my face so today I decided to take a little break from my makeup routine :) I usually am an "Au Naturale" type of girl, but ever since I built up my makeup collection, I haven't really gone too many days without going all out with a new makeup look. Today my face is a little pink and sensitive and my eyelashes are a bit brittle from my daily waterproof mascara trials. It's nice to give my face a break once in a while!

I'm so happy with my YouTube Channel and I've been getting some really awesome subscribers with amazing new video ideas. I can't wait to see where this goes. I even started my 3 year old her own YouTube Channel (private of course). She loves to mimic Mommy :) I love having something to help me feel productive during my days and maybe even helping some of my subscribers like they have helped me (and so many other people who's videos I watch religiously). I don't have a clear view of exactly where I am going with my YT Channel or this blog. I just know that I'm really loving doing this and can't wait to see where it takes me. It might be totally random, but that's me....Random!! lol.

Instead of making 2 different blogs (1 for beauty/makeup and another as my Mommy Blog) I think I am going to combine the 2. Afterall, they both end up revolving around each other in my house. My style and makeup has a lot to do with my Mommy Style and finding practical yet fashionable things to keep me in the loop of the fashion and makeup world!

I will most likely never show my children's faces and I hope you all can understand. It's a creepy world out there sometime and you never know what things can lead to. But I can talk about them until I'm blue in the face and have no problems doing that!

So, read what you like, skip over what you don't.....I'm doing this for me and other Women that need a little beauty inspiration from time to time.  I don't expect everyone to understand me completely thru my blog. I'm all about love and learning, so if you are anything like me then please read on and subscribe!! I want this to be a documentation of my life for my girls to read and see when they're grown. I want them to see that you can be a good Mom and have a life outside of them. I want my marriage to beat the incredibly horrible odds of a successful marriage and we all know that ......A happy wife = happy life!!!!

Have a wonderful day and I'll catch you in the next post!!

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