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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A New Facebook Page For Hapamanda!

I cannot believe how many social networking sites are out there right now!! I have been on facebook personally/privately for years and I just decided to create a business page from some advice from my oh so awesome Ohana Mama - Sarah Burns!! She has been blogging for a long time and knows all the ropes. I can't wait to keep picking her brain :)

At first all I wanted to do was a few videos since I started building my new makeup collection and do reviews. It's turned into something that I totally LOVE! I never thought I would be comfortable on "camera", but it's totally fun and since I am a stay at home mom, it's hard to get out and do "Adult" things. This way I kind of get the best of both worlds.  The adult interaction is totally necessary and even though I'm talking to a camera, it really has been helping with a lot of loneliness I've been feeling.

My new Hapamanda Facebook Page will pretty much be a lot like my Twitter page in that it will just keep people updated on new videos I post on my YouTube Channel and my Mommy Beauty Blog right here :) I will be checking them all frequently, so whatever works best for you, feel free to comment or ask questions! I always love new ideas and also the ability to get to know new people.

I really hope you all enjoy this little thing I call my "Mommy Beauty Adventure"!! I'm learning so much about makeup, beauty, fashion, health and wellness thru my research and testing out new products (which I buy all MYSELF) I am not affiliated with any companies (yet :p ) so everything is bought by me unless I state otherwise. Making money is the last thing I am thinking about. I am just needing an outlet for all my creative energy that I've been holding inside since being a Mom.

Please join me!!!
All the best,

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