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Monday, August 29, 2011

Look Of The Day: Using Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette!

I am so in love with my new UD 15th Anniversary Palette. There are so many different looks you can do with it.  I feel so bad because I have been neglecting all my other eyeshadows because I keep wanting to try out new looks!

This is such an easy, yet classy look. It focuses on purple tones in the palette. Here is how I applied it:
After applying my foundation and UD eyeshadow primer, I used the color "Omen", which is such a beautiful light iridescent purple with some blue tones.

I left my inner corner open as I put a different color there after. I brushed over the other 3/4 of my eyelid and a little bit above the crease. This color is definitely buildable depending on how dark you want this look to be...

Next, I used the color "Half Truth", which is a darker purple tone for my crease. 
I used windshield wiper motions to hollow out my crease and blended up and out towards the outside of my eye to give it a slight cat eye look. I also took this color and smudged it down along half of my lower lash line. Taking a clean blending brush, I blended all the colors together so there were no harsh lines.

For the inner corners and that part we left open, I took the gold color "Chase" and blended it from the inner corners into the darker colors to make a seamless transition. I also took this color down to the other half of my inner lower lash line to widen the eyes.

To highlight under my brows I used "Vanilla" and slightly blended with the other colors. After that I lined my water lines (top and bottom) and applied my ELF Liquid Eyeliner in black with a winged out tip. To finish off the look I curled my lashes and applied a couple coats of mascara to the top and bottom lashes.

It's important to keep a nude-ish lip for this look so there isn't too much stuff going on that takes away from your natural beauty. I always choose just 1 area that I want to focus on (eyes, lips, contouring, etc...)

Although these colors are drop dead gorgeous, you can also use similar colors with palettes that you already have. ELF and Wet n' Wild have great colors for less money. However, if you do decide to buy this palette, you won't be disappointed!

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  1. I love this palette too!!! I wish there were more tutorials for it. I am new with make and I am not sure which colors work best together and where I should place them. That's one reason why I like the wet n wild palettes cuz they have Crease, Lid & brow written on the shades.
    Thank you for your tutorial.

  2. Oh wow! Ive seen this UD 15th Anniv Palette on a youtube guru also and then next you doing a review. Wow! I would also love to have it but I guess its really expensive. :( I thank you for posting make-up product reviews you dont know how much you've helped me ;) please keep on posting because you have readers like me who loves reading all your posts! :) god bless!

  3. @yhang That is truly the sweetest thing you could say. I appreciate your words and for reading/watching my posts. The palette is $55, but if I can get my hands on one for a giveaway then I will definitely keep you posted!! Thanks again, you are too sweet :) xoxo