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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Julep Maven Mystery Box - June!

Hi Everyone!
So I received my Julep Maven Mystery Box for June. It was $19.99 which is the normal price for 1 month of the subscription. The catch was that you could get anything from $50-$200 worth of product. It was super exciting and I saw a bunch of people on YouTube get SO many things....My poor little box was probably just the same size as the normal Julep box, but it was white. An automatic *sad face*
HOWEVER, when I watched the other videos of people getting foot creams, scrubs, blah, blah, blah and only getting a couple nail polishes I really didn't end up minding the one I got!

Remember...Your first month is only 1 Penny with code: 

I was actually pretty surprised that I got almost ALL nail polishes! I was so worried that I was going to get dupes because I already have about 10 colors. I don't know if they looked at my past orders, but I do NOT have any of these colors! I even got the chap stick which I actually LOVE! The nail file couldn't have come at a better time because my other one just doesn't work anymore. I'm most excited about the Fast Dry Top Coat that I got!! I'm really stoked that I pretty much got all nail polishes and not a bunch of different beauty products that I probably wouldn't use. As you may know, I have added a second 96 bottle nail polish wall mount to my already twin one that I have! So, I am all for nail polishes. I'm really thrilled with this box. Is it worth $19.99? Hmmmm...I'm not sure. I've been getting free boxes for the last 3 months from referrals, so I guess it's totally worth it. I'm not a big gambler so I think this was totally out of character for me, but I happened to have exactly $20 left on my gift card from my birthday :)

Here are all the colors that I got and the pics are courtesy of Julep :)
Let me know what you guys think in the comments below!!!

Elegant blush creme. Lovely as a manicure. 
What makes Julep Nail Color so great?
Julep Nail Color is “4-free” and does not contain formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, or DBP. Our professional chip-resistant formulation is delivered via our exclusive flat brush with micro-frayed brush hairs.
Julep nail color is a fun way to make the season’s latest shades accessible to everyone.  And because we’ve tested our trend-setting toxin-free colors and products in over 100,000 manicures and pedicures in our parlors, we have a good idea of what works and what our clients love. ♥♥♥

Deep, sky blue creme.  Somewhere between periwinkle and denim funky, but not too flashy. An Editor's Favorite on (2010). 

Sheer spring green with a flash of aqua iridescent glitter. ♥♥♥

A quick-dry high shine finish that prevents yellowing and protects your nail color for longer lasting mani-pedis.  For best results, use with Julep Basecoat or Julep Nail Therapy and Julep Nail Vernis. ♥♥♥

If you want to join in the fun, sign up to be a Julep Maven by 

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Your first month is only 1 Penny with code: PENNY

You can cancel at any time!

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1 comment:

  1. Score! Nice box. Looove Sofia... i hope they add that to a upcoming box! Julep IS THE BEST! And free polish with refferals? well yes, don't mind if i do! :)