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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Room Tour - Makeup Organization & New Lighting!!

Hi Everyone! A few people have requested a room tour of my new "YouTube Studio" lol. I have included some information about the lighting that I bought from amazon that I am totally loving!

You can watch the YouTube video HERE  

Here is my new Lighting Kit from!!
You can watch my new ROOM TOUR VIDEO so you can see how I have placed it all.
I was starting from scratch so I had to find some lights for my office/studio. I came across this lighting kit and it is extremely affordable compared to the $15-$20 floor lamps I would have had to buy x4! So here it is on for $66 free 2 days shipping and no tax with my Amazon Prime membership :)

It looks SO fancy right??? I can't believe what a steal this was. I did a lot of research on lighting and what each light is used for so I knew this one would work great for my semi-small studio :) I use both umbrella lights on either side of my vanity where I shoot my videos from. I also place one behind me on the floor, one on the desk in front of my as well as another floor lamp in the back corner. All the lights besides the back floor lamp are calle "white daytime lights", which I feel really captures the true color of any color you are showing, ie: makeup, clothes, etc...

So, check out what this whole bundle comes with!

Technical Details

  • (2) x LimoStudio 86" Light Stand - aluminum alloy, adjustable 30" - 86", durable & lightweight | (2) x LimoStudio 28" Light Stand - aluminum alloy, adjustable 15.5" - 28", durable & lightweight
  • (2) x LimoStudio 33" White Diffuser Umbrella - High quality nylon, 75% reflection & 25% transmission, White Color: produce neutral color temperature
  • (4) x LimoStudio 110V Single Light Holder, Code included, Run with max 105W E26/E27 Base light bulb
  • (4) x LimoStudio 45W 6500K Day Light Bulb - 200W Output
  • (1) x Portable Stand Carry Bag - Durable & Weather Resistant, Bulbs Carried Separately

So, that's it! I just wanted to share this great find in case you are looking for new lighting that meets a pretty low budge wallet like ME :) It looks a whole lot fancier than I ever meant it to be and if anything I feel like I have a lot more to live up to with all this fancy schmancy lighting! hahaah

I do appreciate you reading and watching! Please comment about the lighting and what you think of it! Some of my old videos are so horrendous but I had no clue about lighting and now I know a little bit more :) So thanks for stopping by to read my blabber :) MUAH!!! xoxo

Hugs & Love,
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  1. This is a great lighting kit indeed! I am glad I found your blog as I was browsing the web looking for some ideas and tips on makeup lighting!

  2. The lighting looks great! What a fun addition!