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Monday, January 9, 2012

New Find! ELF Eyeliner & Shadow Stick

Hey Everyone!
ELF has so many great products that sometimes the smallest things get lost in the chaos. I have found a little hidden treasure that I bought a long time ago but just started using and I LOVE it! It's called the Eyeliner & Shadow Stick. It is s dual ended mechanical pencil that has a thicker shadow stick on one end and a pencil liner on the other. They have a variety of different colors, but I have fallen in love with the one in Pearl/Glow.

I use this on my waterlines to give the eyes a wide "doe-eyed" look and the thicker side for the inner corners and under the brow to brighten up the eye even more. It is SO beautiful and retails for only $3. You can see the item HERE on the ELF website. This white is my favorite color out of the bunch but they also have two other ones that I have my eye on in midnight/blue and then one in black/smoke:

Just a little find that maybe you didn't notice either! I will be sure to keep you guys all posted on any upcoming sales! I always like to shop online and fill my cart, but I never buy until there is a great deal because I KNOW there is one coming up :) Don't ever purchase ELF without a code! It's not necessary! Subscribe here and on my FB/Twitter to stay in the loop of all their sales :) There is a permanent code down at the bottom of this blog for 10% off if you use the link. It's not much, but it's worth it if you just need a few things and need them asap :)

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  1. I have heard that elf eyeliner is a great product. But i did not get a chance to use it. Thanks for the review.I really liked it.