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Saturday, January 21, 2012

MyGlam Bag: January 2012 Review

Hi Everyone!
I was one of the lucky ones that received a Glam Bag for January. I have been a member since November, but a lot of people still had problems receiving their bags (some even received duplicates and are asked to send them back!) Hopefully they will get everything resolved with their shipping and orders for next month. A lot of people suggest that they stop accepting new members until they can get everything situated. The only con for this month was the same con I had for last month and that was that the envelope it came in was not secured tightly. The sticky part of the envelope was not stuck together all the way. I think they really need to consider reinforcing it with tape to prevent items from falling out or being stolen. Once Glam Bags become more popular people will recognize the bright pink bubble mailer and might be tempted to take it for him/herself!

As for the items inside the bag this month, I was pretty happy. I think they set a really high standard for themselves the first month, but they did well this second month. I have been reading a lot about subscription services and I understand a little bit more now about why Birchbox has started to lose members. It's really hard for subscription companies to keep their members happy with new products and to get new companies to join in and give sample products that will be fresh and new. Birchbox has been around for a year, so things have started to get repetitive and using the same companies. I am interested in seeing how MyGlam deals with this kind of road block in the future.

Here are the items I received in my bag:
The bag this month is a super cute organic cotton pouch with a zipper. It is really fresh looking, I just hope the zipper holds up for frequent use as it seems a little flimsy. We shall see :)

Here is the "Hot Ticket" nail polish I received in the color "Girls Just Wanna Have Plum". Click HERE to see it on the MyGlam website. The color is just OK. You can see they have a wide variety of colors and they sell for or you can purchase it online at places such as Amazon HERE for $8 plus shipping.

This FULL SiZE Cucumber Mask is made by Freeman which I have used for years and have always liked it. I want to say that they are sold at many drugstores. It is sold for $10 if you are a MyGlam subscriber HERE

This Wen Conditioner smells very fresh and minty. I am really excited to try it out. You can check it out HERE. It is a part of a complete hair care system that you can buy for $29.99 HERE

This Sheer Cover Concealer is probably my favorite item in the bag. I never really use concealer because the ones I used have always left a "cakey" look. This one is so creamy and smooth, yet it covers blemishes, scars and hyperpigmentation fantastically! You can check it out HERE. Unfortunately this is a part of a "kit" that Sheer Cover sells, but you can buy it online individually at places like Amazon. It's a bit prices without the packaged deal directly from the company but you can see it on Amazon HERE. Or you can click HERE to see it on the Sheer Cover website.

That's it for my January MyGlam Bag! Overall I am very happy with it and I look forward to receiving the one for next month. I also re-subscribed to Birchbox to give them another chance after seeing an EleventhGorgeous (Beauty Gurus) YouTube video that was giving BB a lot of feedback on how to make their service better and what kind of products we'd like to see. Hopefully they will take some advice and put it into action. I will keep you posted on that! I also ordered my husband his own Male version of a Grooming Subscription Service called "Get Fresh". It's $20/month and you pay for 4 months and then you chose which items you want to stick with. We'll see how that goes for him. I thought he's been so generous with allowing me to get all my fun subscription bags that I should get him something fun too :)

Let me know if you guys have any questions about the bags! I ordered a few more subscriptions of MyGlam that start in February!!! I plan to put one in a giveaway each month for those of you who haven't gotten in on it for whatever reason :)

Thanks for stopping by to read and watch!

Hugs & Love,
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