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Sunday, December 18, 2011

MyGlam Bag December 2011

Hi Everyone!!
I'm SO sorry that this review was so late. With all my moving chaos I didn't have the time or space to film videos. But now I am back in action and attacking a bunch of new videos for you!! Here is my YouTube Video, just click HERE
Here is MyGlam bag for December! You can check them out HERE. It looks like they randomly allow new subscribers if they get more product in. Keep yourself posted on their Facebook page because that seems to be where they announce all that kind of stuff. You can see there Facebook page HERE

What is MyGlam? from their website:
Every month, you receive a brand new Glam Bag with 4 to 5 of our top beauty finds! These full-sized products or deluxe-sized samples are selected by our stylists for you to enjoy


Your favorite stylists will create look-inspiration videos using the new products from your bag. Watch and participate right along with the experts and ask them questions on MyGlam through interactive Q&A’s.

These are all the products I got in my December Glam Bag!!

Urban Decay Eyeshadow HERE retails for $17

UD Original Primer Potion HERE Retails for $19 full size

 NYX Lip Cream HERE retails for $4.50

I really liked this lip cream, but it didn't last very long and turned into a dry almost lip stain? I think you need to add a gloss over it once it dries. Maybe that's what it's supposed to do. You can see it on Cherry Culture's website where I usually buy my NYX products HERE

 Tarte Mascara HERE Full size is $19

 Mai Couture Blemish Blotting Sheets HERE retails for $20 (25% off code: myglam61)

 Here are the discount codes you can use too!!

Mai Couture 25% off Discount Code: myglam61

 This is their welcome card you get:

Overall, I am SO happy with this! For only $10 how could I NOT be??? Like I said in my video HERE, the Urban Decay eyeshadow retails for $17! It is a full size, not a sample or tester size! The Primer Potion is also a lot more than $10. These things alone let you get your money's worth. I definitely recommend this subscription service over Birchbox if you want strictly cosmetics. Birchbox is good if you want to try out a lot of different cosmetics, facial/hair treatments and other random things. I personally prefer MyGlam and have cancelled my Birchbox for the time being. I am keeping another month of GoGoGirlfriend just to see what the next month will have. I will keep you all posted!

Thanks so much for stopping by!!!

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  1. I just signed up for next months bag!

  2. Yay! I saw that they were randomly accepting new subscribers and you can find out on their facebook page. So happy for you!

  3. Wow that looks amazing! Love the bag idea. Hopefully this will pop up in the UK soon :)