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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

ELF Nail Polish Trial: Old $1 vs New & Improved $2

Hi Everyone!
Since ELF stopped making their $1 Nail Polish and revamped it and are now charging $2, I decided to do a comparison and see if the reformulated version is any better. The funny thing is how pissed off people are that they increased it to a whole $2!! LOL. Anyways, I tried a color on when I first got them, but it was a nude color so I couldn't really tell how it was holding up. I was/am in the middle of a move and unpacking so I thought this would be a good time to test it out. I have put the old version on my left hand and the new and improved version on my right hand. I picked out the color "Dark Navy" because it is most definitely my choice color for Fall/Winter instead of my normal Eggplant or Black. I will be writing about how this works out over the course of 4-5 days of heavy damage potential.

At first thought: The first application I could already tell that the old formula needed 2 coats to be wearable. The new formula did a great job at covering in just 1 coat! You can see in these pics after 1 coat of each (Please forgive my nails as they have been totally thrashed from my move!!:

Here are the 2 side by side

Left Hand (Old Formula) with 1 coat:

 Right Hand (New Formula) with 1 coat:

 Left Hand after 2 coats:

Right hand after 2 coats

 I topped them both off with the ELF clear polish

They are both holding up equally well and there is no chipping. I have been unpacking boxes and washing my hands frequently today. I also have 2 young kids so I'm not exactly nice to my nails!!

Ah Ha! There is chipping on my left hand (the old formula) and nothing on my right hand. This is proving to be positive for the new formulated version!

DAY 4-5
I have to admit, I have been really hard on my nails the last day or two! I was packing, unpacking, cleaning and getting dirty! I noticed that the old formula did break down sooner than the new formula and had I not been so hard on them I think the new formula would have performed better anyways.  In the end they both looked pretty bad because of what I put them through. I may do another test of my every day usage and what "normal" people put their nails through :p
At any rate...
Below is my left hand (the old formula) You can see major chipping although my nails were trashed all together :p

Here is my right hand below with the new formula. My right hand is also my dominant hand so I thought it would have gone quicker just due to that fact, although it appears to have withstood the damage I did to it better than the old formula did.

Bottom Line...
This blog and test took a lot longer and more effort than I expected (lol)!! But since they doubled their price from $1 to $2, I wanted to give other Elfettes the peace of mind that it is in fact a better formula nail polish and worth the money :) I, however, was able to score a bunch of polishes during the cyber monday sale (50% off) and ended up getting it for the old price anyways!! I still would pay the full $2 because I notice that many colors go out of stock quickly and they no longer offer the old versions on the website anymore (besides some nail polish kits they have left over). If you change your nail polish weekly and aren't as crazy hard on them like I was, then this may not make a huge difference to you. I am happy with the new version and am glad ELF upped their game with these and actually gave what they said...a New & Improved Formula!! Great job ELF!

I hope you guys enjoyed this testing and blog post. Also, I am in no way paid by ELF for this review and these are my honest beliefs (as always). I appreciate ELF's amazing prices and I think their quality is only getting better which is making them pretty untouchable in my eyes.
ELF is still my #1 go to cosmetic company on the web!!

You can check out these nail polishes
They have 36 color choices and I'm sure growing!!

Let me know what you think about this blog post or if you'd like to see more "tests" of any ELF products!! Comment below, I would love to hear all your ideas :)

Thanks again & Lots of Hugs,
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  1. I don't think they have changed the polishes over here in the UK, but maybe we already have the new formula. I must go and investigate ;)

  2. I have a question I bought the holiday silver set nail polishes which I think has 5 of them, anyway I was wondering if you knew if its the new formula or the old??? & thanx in advance =)

  3. Hi Yvette! I bought the holiday one too and I believe it is the OLD formula :( Since it was $5 for the set I just assumed and I think they are trying to get rid of them. I will look into it more for sure, but I don't think it's the new formula....just new packaging. xo

  4. Great Review/test. I also bought the nail polishes on cyber Monday @ half off...great deal.
    BTW, Beautiful wedding set.

  5. Thanks tawntawn!! I wish I would have gotten more...I guess I'll wait for another sale. :)

  6. Did they stain like the oldies? Some of the darker colors would stain my nails through the base coat. Thanks Amanda! xoxo