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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

ELF Eyeshadow Books: Glitter, Smokey & Natural - Videos, Reviews & Coupon Code!

ELF Glitter Eye Palette!

ELF Smokey Eye Palette!

ELF Natural Eye Palette!

Hi Everyone!
I finally got around to editing all of these videos for you guys! It took me forever because at first I was trying to take out all the "Ummmms" and "ahhhhs"....I received several comments about how I say it too much. I KNOW! It's really bad and I am making a conscious effort to not do it anymore after these videos lol. Believe it or not I was a Business Major and had to give so many speeches...unfortunately it has been quite a while since I have been in school, so I guess I need to be reminded. Some people are nice about it and some people are flat out RUDE. Thank goodness for the DELETE button :) I can take constructive criticism all day long, but I can't take rude people who are just being mean.
Anyways! I really am so excited about these palettes. My favorite one is the smokey eye palette. At around 2/3 of filming I realized that the "cream shadows" are "cream liners"!! But I have been using them as a base for my smokey looks and they work amazing.

ELF never lets me down :) I paid $2.50 for each palette, so there is no way these are NOT worth it. I recommend all of them to you guys. I will be doing a comparison of these books and the other beauty books that are similar.

FYI: I bought all of these ELF items and the other ones to come in the next videos with my own money. I did receive a few products in my holiday haul from ELF to review, but unless it is noted, I buy everything from them and they don't pay me to say nice things about them. I know I'm not the only one that loves ELF, so it shouldn't come as a surprise :)

Thanks everyone for reading/watching. I will be sure to update you all on the newest ELF sales and promo codes!!

Get $1.95 shipping, plus a free 24K 15 piece eyeshadow palette with orders of $13.50 or more. Use coupon code 195GOLD, now through 12/7.

Holiday Love,
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