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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Beauty Fix Series #2/3: iQ Derma Clear Remedy Cleanser & Lotion

I received the next 2 products also as a part of my subscription to I was able to pick 8 products for only $19.99!! Get your subscription HERE and use the code: BFBLOG to get $30 off your first quarter! Regularly retails for $49.99 every 3 months. That's only $10/month for FULL SIZE products from super high end companies and you get 72 different product choices!!
My next 2 products in this 8 part series are:


Price: $30.00 NOW $24.00 Save 20% (

Description (from The never-ending search for a face wash that thoroughly cleanses without over stripping has now been found. iQ Derma Clear Remedy Purifying Cleanser left our skin tingling with cleanliness. This delicate formula gently exfoliated dead skin cells and washed away any impurities, dirt and excess oil on our skin. Not only was our complexion more refined, nourishing botanicals also helped soothe and calm our skin while antioxidants help fend off free radicals. Breakouts and blemishes no longer haunt our skin and we can now go about our day confidently.

My ReviewI have always been hesitant about trying new facial cleansers. This particular cleanser is meant for acne prone skin. Although I don't have regular acne breakouts, my skin isn't always clear and is quite discolored (as I've said a million times before). I decided to give this a try since all my other treatments lately have just been for hyperpigmentation and I definitely didn't need anymore of them! I was pleasantly surprised by the way this cleanser left my skin feeling soft and moisturized. When I think of acne cleansers, I think of drying, irritated skin or a burning sensation. This was exactly the opposite (although when it got in my eye I had to wash it out quickly). The last washes I have tried out left that "squeaky clean" feeling that for some reason I can't stand. This iQ Derma cleanser was sensitive on my skin and did not cause any inflammation and felt wonderful. I used this with my Clarisonic Mia (which is out of batteries, so any exfoliating brush would do). I even used my Jurlique Purely White Skin Brightening Mist (toner) and there wasn't ANY left over dirt or makeup left on the pad! That has never happened. I followed up with my iQ Derma Clear Remedy Hydrating Lotion after and WOW...what a great combo. I give this product an A+ and definitely recommend this to anyone with dry, acne/blemish prone skin. I however have combination skin without acne , but I still love this and could always use help to prevent breakouts around that time of the month :) I'm very happy with this and the lotion which comes next...


Price: $40.00 NOW $32.00 Save 20%
Free Shipping (

Description (from For those who have acne-prone skin but still need to properly hydrate, iQ Derma Clear Remedy Hydrating Lotion is a must-have. The weightless texture left our skin balanced and moisturized without the uncomfortable greasy feeling. Infused with soothing Willowherb, this lotion also helps brighten skin tones and post-acne pigmentation. It also worked great with our acne treatment at night and by itself during the day, for comfortable lasting hydration. Our panelists agree, this weightless moisturizer is definitely worth checking out.

My Review: After using the iQ Derma Cleanser, I applied my Jurlique Mist (toner) to remove any excess dirt, but there was NONE! I applied a small amount of this lotion on my face and it tingled a little bit, but did not burn. I always felt like if acne products didn't burn then they weren't doing their job lol!! This lotion left my skin feeling so smooth and soft. Also, a little goes a long way, even though these are both full sized products at 3.4oz in the Beauty Fix kit that I got! There wasn't any irritation and even now, a couple hours later, my skin feels just as soft and there is no greasy feeling. It is dry, but still very moisturized. Again, I think this is great for all skin types, but if you have dry, acne prone skin, this is going to be a life saver for you. It really locks in moisture and using it in combination with the cleanser is probably pretty key in the success of this line. I would definitely recommend these two items together (which you can get both in your Beauty Fix box and still choose 6 other products!). At 3.4oz each, these are the largest sized skincare products offered on the list of choices. I imagine you could get a good 4 months use out of these because you only have to use about a pea sized amount of both to do the job. This would be just in time for your next Beauty Fix order! Another A+ for iQ Derma!

So far I am so pleased with my selections from Beauty Fix. This is definitely worth the money even without the coupon for the next quarter. I still have 5 more products to review, so stay tuned for those coming up as I use them! They will contain a few hair products, a body wash and one more skincare item. They even threw in an extra "gift" that is super awesome! I'm so stoked on this company. I really hope you guys get a chance to enjoy them too :)

Again, get your subscription HERE and use the code: BFBLOG to get $30 off your first quarter for only $19.99 for all these amazing products! Please comment down below if you have a subscription and tell me what items you have received and how you are liking them! I would love more suggestions :)

Here is my overall review of all the products in my box :)

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