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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Last Chance To Become a Julep Maven for Only $0.01!!

This sale is supposed to end shortly!! It is normally $19.99 for the month, but they have a promotion where you can get it for only 1 cent your first month! You can skip months or just cancel after your first month if you want! I couldn't pass it up.

Go take your style quiz and they will help you pick a box or you can just pick out your own box!
Put the code in when you go to check out!
Here's my referral link!
Directions: Go up to the tab "Julep Maven" and click on "How do I become a Maven?"
Take the Style Quiz and you're on your way! Pick the box they choose for you or pick your own if you're not happy! Add it to your cart with the code below!

Refer 2 of your friends and get a month free! It's perfect because it's so cheap this month so you can get a bunch of referrals to get the next couple months free!

Enter Code: COLORS4ONE and get your first month for only $0.01
You will see the cost go down from $19.99 to virtually free!

I just got my box in the mail today and will be posting a video asap! The packaging is to DIE for!
My Box is SOOO Pretty!

You can pick from several different boxes, not just the one they pick from you. Some come with 3 nail polishes or you can get 2 nail polishes and another fun beauty item!! SO many choices :)

Watch my Julep Maven Box Video that I got for $0.01

Sign up HERE for 1 penny!

Hugs & Love,
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