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Friday, March 18, 2016

How To: Apply imPRESS Gel Manicure Nails!

Hey Everyone!
I'm so excited to share these imPRESS nails with you. NO I am not sponsored by them or being paid to review them, they are just my absolute favorite right now! The best things that I like about them are:

  1. They last 2 weeks++
  2. They don't break - They bend!
  3. Color doesn't chip!
  4. Easy to remove!

I buy mine at CVS for $7.99, but they are available pretty much anywhere (target, walgreens, online, etc). I try to wait until there is a sale and at CVS they will usually have a "buy 3 get 1 free" deal. The imPRESS website says they range from $5.99 to $6.99 but I think the $5.99 is only for the nails that come in the Nail Polish Bottle-looking package (you can see pic below). So, in the video I show you how to apply them. If you want me to do a video on removing them then just leave me a comment and let me know :) I'm going to do a progression photo shoot to show the nails over the 2 weeks time so you can see how they hold up.

I am under the impression, from my research, that KISS/imPRESS/Broadway Nails are all under the same company. KISS being the head honcho ;) Please correct me if I'm wrong!

Now, back to the imPRESS nails. These are "gel" manicure nails. This makes them very pliable and "bendy". I think that this is the reason why they don't just break off. They can bend with the force of hitting it against something (unless it's really hard of course). I LOVE that part of it. Also, for some reason, they are really easy to get off! I think it has something to do with the sticky glue that they use on the nails along with the super glue that I use. Super glue does NOT come with the nails, but I use it as an extra strength measure and I think it makes them last longer. If I notice that one of them are lifting up then I just put a little superglue under it and BAM - it's fixed. Try to get this kind of KISS super glue that has the pointy tip for precision access (pictured). This will make it all less messy. Also if one of them gets damaged then you can easily remove that individual one and replace it as they come with plenty of extra ones to use!

When you are ready to take off the nails you can pretty much just peel them off. They won't come off in "chips" like regular plastic nails. You can jut lift them up around the edges and get your fingernail under it or maybe something from your manicure set to use. You need to do it slowly and it will come off without any damage to your real nail.

These specific imPRESS nails have 30 different nails with 6 accent nails (pictured left). There are another kind of Impress nails that come in a package that looks like a nail polish bottle (pictured right). Those only have 24 nails. They are often the same price at certain stores, so I always go with the other ones in the rectangle packaging.  Plus I feel the ones I get have more variety of sizes so you don't have to file them down to fit. However, if I like specific designs from the nail polish bottle ones then I will grab one to add on. Be sure that you are getting the ones that say "GEL MANICURE" on them. Otherwise they will be the normal plastic hard ones and those are way different. These also come in 2 different shapes. Oval and regular Square. Right now I am into the oval shaped ones, but they don't have as many variety of patterns in the oval at the moment. It's hard to file the square ones into an oval because they are already pretty short and it just looks funky to me.

I just am really impressed with these imPRESS nails (hahahaha). So far, I haven't used anything else and I'm not sure how I would go back to just using regular nail polish after this! I love them that much. There are SO many different patterns. I'm determined to buy them all!! My CVS and Walgreens tend to only sell the same 6-7 kinds, but I know there are at least 20 different patterns available.

I wanted to quickly touch on the subject of these other press on nails by KISS (pictured right). Like I mentioned above, I believe that KISS actually owns the imPRESS and Broadway Nail lines. It makes it kind of hard to speak about them because technically they are all the same company, but I'll try to describe them well enough to make sense lol. The regular KISS nails are a nice alternative if you like longer nails. All of the imPRESS nails are fairly short (which is the way I like them). The KISS nails are also not as "gel" like. However, they come in a nice almond shape variety which is pretty popular right now. imPRESS has an oval shape (the ones I usually wear), but they are not as sharp as the KISS ones. It just depends on your preference. You can always file your imPRESS ones to be more almond shaped if you want to. I also sometimes like their accent nail patterns better too or at least until I can get my hands on the other 15 imPRESS nails haha ;) 

One of my favorite imPRESS nail design are the Matte ones!! So far I have only seen ONE, but it's a great nude color (pictured left). However, there are matte topcoats available now in stores that can do a pretty close job.

OK, so what is the CON with the imPRESS nails?????
I really can only think about one con. That would be, say, when you need to file the nails to fit a smaller nail bed size they don't file into dust because they are in gel form. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it's almost as if it just bunches up and you have to actually pull it off. (You will understand it when you do it). Have you ever used nail wraps before? It's kind of like that when you file them over the nail and pull the left over off. I don't know, it's just a very minimal problem for me and might not even be noticeable to others. It definitely doesn't stop me from buying them, that's for sure!!

Anyways, that's pretty much all I have to say about these nails!! I hope you found the video and this blog information helpful! If you have any other questions feel free to message me or comment down below. I always answer :) Thanks so much for stopping by to read this. I'll write you guys soon!!!

Hugs and Love,

You can go to the KISS imPRESS website FAQ to learn more about the nails. Just click HERE
You can also see the design varieties HERE on the KISSUSA website. Here are also some links on where to buy them. I actually was able to find some different patterns from people selling on eBay! I got good deals on some of them and some were actually more expensive (probably because they are hard to find patterns). 

Here are the stores that carry the imPRESS nails. Click on each link to get to the website and prices: Keep in mind that these are ONLINE prices. In stores will vary with sales, etc...

eBay imPRESS nails - All different sorts of prices depending on the seller.
CVS - $7.99 (wait for sales!)
Walgreens $7.79
Amazon $9 + about $3 shipping without prime or $11-$15 with prime but not a big selection.
Walmart $5.07 on some patterns ONLINE + shipping or about $6.27 for other patterns. I'm not sure of the in store price at Walmart.
Target - $5.99 but they only carry the nails in the "Nail Polish Bottle" kind.
Kmart - $6.99 to $7.99 depending on the pattern you choose.
Rite Aid - $5.99 to $7.99 but it looks like they only have the "Nailpolish Bottle" brand

I hope all of this information helps in some way!! 
Happy Shopping!!!

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