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Monday, October 29, 2012

Low Key Halloween Nails!!

Happy Halloween!!!

I have 2 kids so I really didn't have time to get crazy with my nails. I saw a youtube music video and this girl had her nails like this (minus the orange dots). First, I have Broadway glue on french manicure nails. Then I used this dark purple Essie color (below) first, but obviously black would be the first pick if you have it. Then I used my Circus orange nail polish for the dots. I used a tiny makeup brush that I had, but if you have toothpicks that is best. Also, if you have an orange nail art pen then even better!
I'm not the most artistic, but it would be super cool to draw a little pumpkin or anything else Halloween-esque :)

It's easy, different, and allows you to have your halloween spirit when you're in a rush :)

Please post pics of your Halloween nails on my facebook!!!!

Have a safe & happy holiday :) 

xoxo Amanda xoxo

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