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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Birchbox June 2013 Review!

Hi Everyone! This is one of my first blogs back in a long time! While I am waiting to upload and edit a few YouTube videos, I decided to post this review because I recently signed BACK up for Birchbox. It has been over a year since I cancelled my Birchbox subscription and stuck with ipsy (formerly MyGlam). While I am still SO happy with ipsy, I decided to get a 3 month subscription to Birchbox when I saw some pretty good reviews on recent boxes. 

I can say right off the bat, that BB does not win against the battle between them and ipsy. ipsy always seems to give you more bang for your buck. I am still happy that I am going to get another 2 Birchboxes to try out this summer :)
So, without further adieu is my box for June 2013. It is quite different from a lot of other people's contents which can be a pro and a con. There were some things I saw in other people's boxes that I wished I had gotten. The grass is always greener tho, right? lol

I'm not sure if the outer pink "!" is just for the gift subscription I bought myself or if that is what's on all of them now. They have since changed their logo as well as changed the cover lettering to white instead of pink. I have to say that I loved the pink, but in the end it's just a box and I never ended up using them except for regifting.

The contents of my box are listed in the above postcard Here is some info regarding the theme of this month's box:

Inspired by our global offices in four of the world’s classic cities (not to mention our love of travel), this bold collection of minis—created exclusively for Birchbox—features summer's hottest hues. Our editors worked closely with Color Club to develop these custom shades, visiting the brand’s Long Island factory to collaborate with the brand’s in-house chemist. You definitely won't find anything like these on-trend, brightly hued polishes anywhere else.
At first glance I thought the folds of postcards are super cute, however do people still write postcards? I know I don't, so they kind of seemed just like a waste of space and paper. I would have rather gotten another product instead. But anyways....

Here are all the items, my reviews and links to where you can buy them :)

Birchbox + Color Club: Wanderlust Collection Each color is named after one of Birchbox’s international headquarters: Barcelona, London, New York, and Paris. The color I received is London Calling, "a sunny green, makes us think of the city’s myriad green spaces."
My review: This color is beautiful. It's very summer appropriate of course. The pigment is definitely great as well. It did, however, chip just after a couple days. I have found that usually no matter what brand of polish or how high priced the polish is that they all chip within a few days unless you don't touch anything lol. I still would give it a thumbs up for the pretty color :)

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