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Thursday, December 13, 2012

ELF Studio Yay & Nay! Check this out before you buy!!

I posted this blog a little while ago, but I thought it is still valid because everyone is doing their holiday shopping and I'm sure ELF Cosmetics is on your list :) Below I have gone thru all my favorite and least favorite STUDIO products. I rarely buy any other line from them because I think the Studio line is the best overall.
I have several videos on my YouTube Channel for more in depth reviews on these products that might also help you shop.
Now, what you need to do is open up 2 windows (seriously)
Keep this blog open and have ELF on the other one to see if you have any on the PASS IT side.
Although, hey, I'm not your mother, I'm just a Beauty Blogger :)

Please don't forget to UPGRADE YOUR SHIPPING to
$6.95 Standard Plus: 1-2 processing days and 2-5 Transit Time BUSINESS DAYS
= 7 biz days for delivery
$9.95 Standard: 5-7 processing days (to even LEAVE the warehouse) and 2-7 transit days
= 14 biz days!!

  • Baked Eyeshadow Palette - Get both if you can! Great for on the go.
  • Baked Eyeshadows - All colors are amazing with great pigment.
  • Grab the Exact Lash Mascara (tiny one for under eye): Only if you don't own one.
  • High Def Under Eye Setting Powder: Great to brighten up dark or puffy eyes
  • Eyebrow Kit! I use mine everyday (PS: Dark & Medium are same color pretty much :)
  • Makeup remover pen: Gotta have!!
  • Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon: AWESOME! Great staying power in water lines!
  • Studio Brushes: All are awesome and just as good as some of my higher end ones. So pick away
  • Kabuki and Stipple Brush are a must. Flat top is great for blending in foundation as well. They need to come out with a round top blending brush....
  • Brush Cleaner & Shampoo are a must.
  • Brush holders are awesome! I have both :)

  • Glitter Gloss! Great for the holidays :) Even add just a tad to the middle of your lips for a tiny sparkle :x
  • Along the same lines is the: Pout Perfector! Awesome - just grab it!
  • Lip Balm: I love and have ALL the Lip Balms SPF 15. They are great for protection and really have a nice consistency of a balm which has great staying power.
  • Matte Lip Colors are nice, but you have to use a gloss or sheen over it so it doesn't look chalky - Especially in the winter.

  • BAKED BLUSH & BRONZERS!! GO GO GO HURRY :p lol - These are all amazing. Depending on your skin tone just go for it. Also - The blush color: Pinktastic is the most beautiful highlighter for under eyes, etc!!! A must have
  • High Def Powder!!! I love it in both the translucent and yellow. It rocks as a setting powder.
  • Makeup Mist & Set: I love this but I always forget to use it :p It's great to make sure your makeup is set for your night out, so why not? It's 40% OFF!
  • Mineral Face Primer: OBVI! Everyone loves this and I am no exception :)
  • Flawless Finish Foundation: Great coverage and a little goes a long way. If you can't find your exact color then just blend them!!
  • HD Blush: Ok this one is 2 fold. Application is VERY tricky. You have to use a stipple brush of some sort to apply. Just put a tiny bit on the back of your hand. I also only advise the 2 lighter colors b/c the darker ones are CREEPY! (Update - The creepy dark ones are the only ones in stock, so it's actually going to be a SKIP IT!)
  • Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder

Palettes: Here's my thing. I have plenty of these palettes, however they have been sitting in my holder for about 6 months?? I would say get some if you need to get holiday presents (Clutch Palette is the best), but there's so much other stuff if you are an ELF addict :p 

  • Pigment Eyeshadows (Baked are way better)
  • Skip all other mascaras than one above!
  • Eye Refresh: Cools for like 2 seconds and then....ummmm? Pass!
  • Eyebrow Treat & Tame: What a mess!! No bueno unless you just use the clear side for brows.
  • Shimmer Palette: Doesn't really do much and shimmer is better for summer - Go Glitter for Holidays!
  • Studio Eyelash Curler is horrible!! Must grab the $1 Essentials black one for sure!! It rocks!
  • Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths: Although they work, they made me break out and I usually never break out from products :(

  • Lip Stains: Major letdown for me. I'm not huge into them to begin with. I feel like they seep into every crack you have on your lips and make your lips look like they are bleeding!! lol. So you better exfoliate good if you're gonna use one!
  • Lip Lock Pencil: What is it supposed to do anyway?

  • Tinted Moisturizer: Bleh...maybe for summer, but I never brought mine out :/
  • Tone Correcting Powder: Doesn't really do anything for discoloration.
  • Shimmer sheets: Very odd application method!!
  • Radiance Enhancer: Some people love this, I just don't care for it. Maybe I just don't know where to put it? I would think under your eyes or somewhere you want to Highlight?? It's too thick to put anywhere on your face. IMO

Please comment below and tell me what you're getting!!!!!
Love you guys! Happy Shopping :)

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Hugs & Love!

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